The best institute in Faridabad, nothing is required to learn English. This is the only institution in Faridabad who fully focuses on developing speaking skills of students. They have different methodology to teach students who are hesitating in speaking English.

Timku Shrma

Best place to enhance your confidence. I am attending sessions for a couple of month and I am feeling a drastic change in me. I too appreciate the efforts that are taken by the trainers for your improvement. Will recommend PEP'S TALK for public speaking.

Amit Dr

I got to know about PEP'S TALK through one of my friends This place is just amazing In Every session you get to learn something new. Method of teaching is really unique which you will not find at any other place . Revolution is here, join the wave and see the revolutionary transformation in you. Like

Gurmeet Singh

The way we are taught is completely awesome and It feels great to be here at PEP'S TALK. I've seen a drastic change in my speaking skills and personality after joining here. I recommend this place to everyone who wants to make career in public speaking.


PEP'S TALK has really changed my life. I joined a course and i got really benefitted from it. Thanks to PEP'S TALK and all other facilities who helped me a lot and made me a better person.


PEP'S TALK has taught me so many valuable things about life, career, etc which I never got in my entire school, college life. Wonderful journey. Thank you guys! Keep doing the great work.


Both the trainers are magnificent. They've really helped me to get over my fears,and to master the art of persuasion. I'm no longer afraid of speaking in front of an audience.

Harvinder Singh

This place will completely revolutionize you. When I joined this place I was introvert but now I am an intrepid dauntless speaker. Evert lecture I attended here has helped me in gaining lot of confidence and courageousness and took my English to different level .