Basic Spoken English

This course is for you if you have studied or study in Hindi medium. You don’t understand well when others speak. You have poor grammar & incorrect sentence formation.

  1. Basic of Grammar
  2. Basic of Communication
  3. Spoken Activities
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Reading Skills
  6. Confidence Building Activties
  7. Discussion on simple Topics
  8. Personality Development
  9. Overcome Hesitation
  10. Body Language
  11. Jam Session
  12. Hosting & Role Plays

(45 Days) Advanced Programme

This programme is for Group Discussion helps the candidates to be master in winning GDs. It contains a loads of practice & preparation which helps us to emerge with flying colours.

  1. Authentic Example
  2. Audio Classes
  3. Gesture & Posture
  4. Interview Skill
  5. Accent Training
  6. Confidence & Activeness
  7. Learn with your PEP’S TALK teacher and classmates in a supportive, interactive and fun environment that will help you unlock your potential.
  8. Improve pronunciation, speaking, grammar and vocabulary through live interaction, online activities and videos.
  9. Develop workplace skills such as interpersonal communication, time management, presentations, interviews, and digital skills.
  10. Receive individual feedback and guidance from your teacher to focus on your own development.

(3 Months ) English Fluency Programme

We consider the ability speak in English with Fluency as a valuable skill. We offer the opportunity to develop your fluency in a relaxed atmosphere. This course is for those who can understand, speak, write & read English & want to further enhance their English Fluency. This course helps you to get vocabulary range, get correct diction, speak Fluent & Flawless English.

  1. Grammar Range
  2. Powerful Vocabulary
  3. Error Detection
  4. Personality Development
  5. Presentation & Public Speaking
  6. GD & Drilling Session
  7. Extempore
  8. Motivational Seminars